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Take Control Your Life Before Someone Else Does ...

The Pai Lum Tai Chi Group Is now open...

By practicing with the Pai Lum Tai Chi Group, you will experience the following benefits
- Immediate self-defense.
- Increase energy, clarity & confidence.
- Reduced stress and anxiety
- Improved mobility & balance.
- Enhanced mind-body connection
- Spiritual & Self Growth
- Belong to an Extended Family bound united in training and aligned on greater purpose. 

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Why Tai Chi?

“ Taichi Chuan, the Great Ultimate, Strengthens the Weak, Raises the Sick, Invigorates the Debilitated, and Encourages the Timid.”
- Prof Chen Man Ching 

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Improves Health

You'll Feel better after one session. Continued practice engages all of the bodies systems including circulation, digestion, lymphatic, respiration, and more.  The tai chi helps you to heal ailments and injuries for better health and performance.

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Makes You Smarter

While Working the entire body at different speeds in coordination and power, you'll activate parts of your brain and consciousness like never before. You'll be moe aware and in tune with yourself and surroundings and calmer under stress.

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Reduces Violence

Natural Movements and Yielding Strategy give participants a fighting chance. Without prior experience, physical conditioning, or even the desire to fight, our tai chi gives you options under attack and Being capable makes the world safer.

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Increases Energy & Libido

Being Energized, motivated and mobile are essential to longer life. To live longer with youthful energy and vigor is what we all strive for. The desire to get out of bed everyday and move well enhances our overall quality of life

The Pai Lum Tai Chi Group   

OUR VISION: Our vision is to enhance lives, improve health, and reduce violence by bringing the natural methods of Tai Chi Chuan into mainstream practice.

OUR MISSION: To provide world class training and mentoring programs that equip and empower those who participate with the skills and strategies to improve their overall quality of life.

501(c)(3) Organization: We welcome donations and grants to further our mission. We also support organizations that are hands-on committed to reducing violence in communities with our programs and services.

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Core Values

 Integrity, Commitment, Courage, Curiosity, & Excellence ensure that you receive the best possible experience and outcomes when working with us.  

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Complete Experience

Our leaders bring decades of experience from the martial arts and expert know-how to each program. The measure is in what you achieve working with us.

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Authentic and Fun

Our courses are authentic, fun, and practiced in real-time, making skills and concepts easy to acquire. You will fully grasp this fulfilling lifestyle much faster than previously possible.

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Extended family 

 The love of the martial art and the desire to be better people brings us all together. The diversity in the group is welcoming and the community is an extended family that looks out for one another. We are driving a legacy of Excellence

about us

Our founders are third-generation leaders in the Pai Lum family whose training and experience have gone into creating the most comprehensive programs in Tai chi for you. Until recently we were a private group, however, we are fulfilling a promise to our ancestors to open up our closely held lifestyle and share what has taken us decades to cultivate.
Our traditional practice provides a sustainable wellness method that works for new beginners as well as those looking to enhance their current performance or martial art. 
 Established as a 501(c)(3) organization, we welcome donations and grants to further our mission. We also support organizations that are hands-on committed to reducing violence in communities with our programs and services. We appreciate and thank you!


As a practitioner in the Pai Lum Tai Chi Group, you’ll experience immediate results in feeling calmer, more aware and much safer. You will learn applications in every course that are easy to apply and less risky than demonstrated elsewhere. Continued practice will improve your health over time and we outline the routines to get you there. Our courses will give you a new approach to your body’s movement and ease you back into a fitness routine while giving you some fast techniques to be really excited about. Our courses are designed for specific benefits based on the principles and philosophies of the legendary Masters and the natural foundations of classical Tai chi. Being authentic, fun and practiced in real time - you will acquire the full grasp of this fulfilling lifestyle much faster than previously possible. Each of our courses saves you 5 years of training elsewhere.
We encourage you to invest in yourself and explore Tai chi with us! 

Primer Framework

“Taichi is your best friend. Once introduced will never ever leave you “

  • Daniel K Pai

This course is the necessary primer for Tai chi and will give you the essential framework, movement, and strategy that will last a lifetime. This course stands alone or can be plugged into any tai chi series or existing workout. With applicable warm-up exercises, practical form, and go-to techniques that you can work in any space or condition, this course will accelerate your training by at least a decade. Your path of wellness, confidence, discovery and protection starts here with this core set and is what all of our group members master first.

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